Are we open community?

Let me ask you one thing. Do you think are we open community? Can we talk about sex open? To be honest I’m not sure.

In fact most of us can say, that’s not true. We can talk about sex in the internet, with people we know etc. But the fact is that sex is still tabu subject.

Most people say that there is a freedom and we can do whatever we want and whereever we want. Are you sure? Try to go naked via the main street.

The problem is that we only think that we can do what we want. But the true is that it is just impossible. That’s why I think we are not open community. Not yet. I suppose that it needs to last a lot of time when we will be fully open people.

But we need to ask one question. Do we really want to be open. I sex will stop to be tabu subject, our life will lose something. We will lose something that is still mysterious, nice, exciting and gives us a taste of our life. Life without sex is nothing.

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce myself and tell you something about this blog and my ideas.

I’m a young guy from Central Europe. As you may guess, I love girls, love sex, often watch porn and like to discuss about it. I think that sex is most important thing in our live (to be more precise sex is the second, after love, but I think it’s an obvious).

I’m not a person who likes pervert sex. I prefer kind of sensual sex (not very popular among thousand of websites with images and movies) and hope to find some people who like similar things. If so, I hope that we will enjoy this blog together with all of you.